1. Kingwin Ambulance Van In light of the features of first aid and makeshift operation by paramedics, the ambulance is provided with scientific and rational aid space, stretcher. More
    1. Kingwin EV-Cargo Van Kingwin EV, with updated style, chromeplated trimming and front-position LED lamps, is more stylish. More
    1. Kingwin CNG Van With gas cylinder seal and ventilation structure design, Kingwin CNG is safer in isolation and leakage control. More
    1. Kingwin Chiller Van King Long Chiller & Freezer Van can maintain a temperature range of -18℃ to 18℃, ideal for transporting a range of products either chilled or frozen. More
    1. Kingwin Cargo Van Kingwin cargo van design scientific layout space, cargo capacity can reach more than 7.5m2, for you to create more value. More
    1. Kingo-L Van Kingo L luxury minivan with extra-long wheelbase has enlarged its space to allow 18 seats based on the excellent model. More
    1. KINGO-L Electric Van With fashionable and elegant appearance and capacious and comfortable passenger room, KINGO-L EV provides users with excellent business operation. More
    1. Kingo Ambulance Van The oxygen cylinder, ultraviolet sterilizing lamp, electric ventilator, sliding infusion support, and other exclusive medical equipment are optional. More
    1. Kingte Electric Van KING LONG cooperates with top supplier of parts in new energy field, work together to solve problem. More
    1. Kingte School Bus The school bus is installed with intelligent operation system built on advanced vehicular networking technologies, and tested in high-temperature. More
    1. Kingte MPV Multipurpose Vehicle Elegant appearance and luxury interior are tailored to demonstrate your successful career. More
    1. Kingte Amubulance Van King Long Mobile Operation Theater is a vehicle focus on the medical market, with a layout of science and professional equipment. More
    1. New Kingwin Series Van KINGWIN is a classic light-duty bus model of King Long with good overseas reputation. King Long NEW KINGWIN is your trustworthy business partner. More
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