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10-11m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6110GS

 10-11m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6110GS

Special Care 
The XMQ6110GS public transit bus is a non-step bus. The area between front door and the middle door is a platform without any steps and the flooring height is not more than 380mm. Having a low floor improves the accessibility of the bus and allows passengers to get on and get off the public transit bus conveniently and quickly. This bus offers great convenience for elders, people with disabilities, mothers carrying babies, and passengers carrying lots of luggage.

Gorgeous Exterior
The unique front face design and wide vehicle body make the public transit bus look very attractive. The bus length is 11m and height is 4.2m, which ensures a spacious interior and provides passengers with great comfort.

Tidy and Delicate Interior 
The integral interior design makes the public transit bus look tidy, spacious and delicate. The driver-friendly bus driver compartment design allows the driver to see the surrounding environment without any blind area through the rearview mirror, which largely enhances driving safety. Long strip type lighting fixtures are available to light the aisles. The 10-11m public transit bus is equipped with a constant temperature controlled heating and cooling device, video and audio play equipment, compression molded air flute, special seats, handrails and hand grips designed on patent technologies, and more. The interior embellishments are durable, easy to clean and the plastic flooring is wear and corrosion resistant. All these reveal the designers' delicacy and considerations.

Optimized Performance 
This public transit bus comes with an optimized chassis design. The torque-increased engine and large tonnage axles greatly improve the public transit bus' power performance and carrying capacity. The truss type vehicle frame reduces the bus' dead weight and the gate-type front axle makes it an ideal non-step low-floor bus. The superior performance air spring suspension system increases a smooth ride for the passengers. The front disk brake and rear drum brake, ABS/ASR system, eddy current retarder, brake clearance adjustment device, etc. function to increase the reliability and stability of the public transit bus' braking system. The power system is environmentally friendly and can be equipped with different types of engines to suit customers' varied demands, including Euro II and Euro III engines. An automatic gearbox is optional.

Technical Specifications
Model XMQ6110GS
Length* Width* Height (mm) 10880×2480×4170/4200 (With air conditioner)
Wheelbase (mm) 5300
Front overhang/rear overhang (mm) 2440/3140
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 160
Seating arrangement Upper deck 46, lower deck 24+1
Fuel tank capacity (L) 250L
Model YC6L280-30 ISME335 30 J08E-UL
Emission standard Eour Ⅲ Eour Ⅲ Eour Ⅲ
Rated power (kw/rpm) 206/2200 250/1900 199/2200
Rated torque (N.m/rpm) 1100/1200-1600 1410/1200 1000/1500
Displacement (L) 8.4 10.8 7.684
Transmission & Clutch
Clutch Chinese Integrated in engine
Transmission Chinese manual 6-gear transmission ZF transmission
Front Chinese
Rear Chinese
Suspension system Leaf spring
Steering system Domestic steering gear
Brake system
Brake system (Disc/Drum) Front/Rear Drum
Tire Chinese 295/80R22.5
Door & Window
Doors Front and rear double inner-swinging door
Side Windows Enclosed toughened side windows for upper and lower decks, with two lower rear pull-push windows
Driver King Long, high back, adjustable driver seat
Passenger Public transit bus special seat
Air Conditioner
Type No air conditioner
Type No hot-water, with defroster
Type Resembled Mekra Lang manual rear view mirror, with broad view inner view mirror
Other Standard Equipment
With defroster, sun visor (one spoke), MP3/Radio player, extinguisher 2×4kg, engine compartment automatic fire extinguisher, 8 units safety hammer, exit bell

King Long is a public transit bus manufacturer based in China. We offer not only public transit bus, but also airport bus, police van, coach, ambulance, and more.

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